Thursday, 26 February 2009

knit knit knit knit knit you've got knits !

So I am returning to my Berlin-obsession of knitting. (I say 'Berlin-obsession' as I attempted to knit ten thousand scarves during my time there, and as soon as my feet planted themselves firmly on British soil once again, my passion seemed to wither.) And NOW I am embarking on possibly the most challenging wool-based challenge thus far on my knitting quest: A cream cable-knit clutch bag. Seen on the arm of Carrie in Sex and the City and retailing for over $100 on American websites, it's time I took the bull by the horns, or the knitting by the needles, so to speak. I will be updating you on my slow and painful progress (I swear I have premature arthritis in my hands! Too much of putting pen to paper I think!)
But look to the future: very soon you will be seeing this bit of snuggle arm candy in my sore little paws!

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team yum said...

yay jenn you can totally do it!!!! please email me with any questions or whatevs!

from rose... i was just on olivia's & my account and can't be asked to switch.