Thursday, 12 February 2009

♥ Paris ♥ Paris ♥ Paris ♥

♥ PARIS.... J'ADORE! ♥
We ate lots of baguettes, brioche, salmon, croissants, sushi, confiture fraises and omelettes. We drank 50 Eur mojitos and 40 Eur shots of vodka. We visited the Monnaie de Paris for the David La Chapelle exhibit. We went to the museum of Fashion and Clothing and saw Napoleonic evening wear and a peacock muff that Zarah fell in love with. Our maid dressed up in our clothes, drank our vodka and listened to our iPod while we were out. We got chased by a man with a shoe fetish at 2am in Montmatre. We got into a taxi with a brothel owner who was thinking about kidniapping us.
If you ever get a chance to go and see her in the beautiful, porcelein, perfect, blemish free, angel-like flesh then do it because she is incredible. An enigma, a mystery, I want to know her! Also the Crazy Horse was an unbelievable venue - we had a bottle of champagne on ice, complimentary CosmopoliTEESE cocktails coourtesy of the handsome waiters, and an ocular and aural treat that one can only dream of in the form of the Crazy Horse dancers. Indescribable!

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