Wednesday, 13 August 2008

a golden age

i was just looking through some old photos of me and my friends from nights spent out on the tiles, devouring bottle after bottle of vodka and powering through the night dancing to everything from donna summer to the who.

i was admiring and mourning my previous fearlessness when it came to eveningwear: wearing fingerless leather gloves and not caring; silver pleather hotpant catsuits; studded & chained white pvc ankle boots; latex dresses; a lace bodysuit and nothing else...

there is a small window in your life when you can dress outrageously and get away with it. already i feel that my confidence in inappropriate and easily misconstrued clothing is waning. i can recall countless comments from numbskull club goers who presume that a girl who is dressed like an 80s prostitute might actually behave like one, or that leather gloves means that one drives a motorcycle. its a sad state of affairs when even the tiniest of unusal accessory can grab the avergae joes attention in a negative way.

so ultimately, my point is, i am making a stand against this and i WILL dig out my favourite white chained 6" boots and combine it with a fishnet bodysuit if i feel like it, even if i do sound (and look) like a shackled prisoner of fetish.


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