Friday, 9 January 2009

Arden... in your own backgarden

OK so it seems that due to my eBay selling break this blog has become preoccupied with my current must-haves. For the record, I'm not employed by the advertising teams of American Apparel or Elizabeth Arden respectively, ratherI think it's fair to say that I have a duty to report on the beautiful and covetable. And so I do!
Much to my delight, as one who is never fond of unnecessary packaging remakes and overhauls (SEE: Herbal Essences new 'modern' look. Yuck! It looks like budget bodycare!) Elizabeth Arden's iconic and infamous 8 hour cream has had a retro makeover, reverting to the original packaging from its launch in the 50s. The packaging takes its cue from the Americana of the 50s, with chic retro motifs straight from the American Diner school of style. It makes me want a beehive and to wear cuban heeled panthose with a full circle skirt!
On top of this, I am now 100% addicted to the 8 hour handcream (even though it smells like lemongrass, possibly my least-favourite fragrance on earth - why not almond or vanilla?!?!?) and my hands have been treated at least 5 times daily to this silky soft squirt of hydration heaven. And if you want a one-pill-cures-all magic wonder cream, the 8 hour retro pot is ideal for using everywhere – lips, face, hands and also soothes any dry areas of the body like heels, elbows and knees. At this rate, one day I might be a real lady!

I love how it looks almost medicinal... Wonderful! xxxxxxxxx

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