Wednesday, 28 January 2009


OK so I can't possibly be the only one who is slightly preplexed by this new, mysterious super-drink taking over our eyes and ears of late. VITAMINWATER. If the hype is true (and I can vouch: IT IS!!!) then this new phenomenon of the beverage world is like a little lifesaver in mouthwateringly delicious liquid form. I am particularly fond of their newest addition to the VitWater family: Revive (also known as 'the purple one'). Being in my final year of uni, and having already this year spent a solid weekend in the library high on caffeine and battling droopy eyelids, with the prospect of work and more lectures the following day, I am more than a little excited at the prospect of something being able to really, truly, perk me up!

The REVIVE flavour is at hand to keep hard-working folks hydrated after all those late nights (both those necessary 'academic' ones and the not-so-necessary 'WHAT HAVE I DONE' all nighters...) this term and beyond. It is packed fall of a combination of potassium, vitamin B, and essential B vitamins. so it's the perfect choice for picking you up off your feet and getting over the morning after the night before. Or just getting up at all if you know you've gotto sift through ten thousand mediaeval manuscripts in the library. We've all been there! If you want to know what all the fuss is about, make sure you keep an eye out .... The glaceau VITAMINWATER teams will be visiting university campuses during january and february to ensure students have a taste of REVIVE. Hurrah! In fact, I bumped into a row of said drinks in the University of Birmingham's cafe Go! They know their stuff!

So anyway, like I say, keep your eyes peeled cos glaceau vitaminwater has six bloody lovely flavours; power-c (dragonfruit), vitaminwater essential (orange-orange), vitaminwater spark (tropical citrus), vitaminwater multi-v(lemonade), vitaminwater revive (fruit punch) and vitaminwater defence (raspberry-apple). being someone who is fond of non-carbonated drinks (with the added bonus of vitamin content without havign to swallow those horrible 'orange flavour' chalky tablets from Tesco) I WANT SOME! I have a feeling this will be my new partner in crime in succeeding in life!!! HAHAH. My mouth is actually watering.

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