Friday, 23 January 2009

Red, White and Crüe.

OK SO I am slightly obsessed with Mötley Crüe, as most of you will know. And in 2 weeks I am going to Paris, to the Crazy Horse, to see DITA VON TEESE! So! Imagine my utter delight, pure & simple, when I make the mental connection between the two...:
"Crazy Horse, Paris, France, forget the names, remember romance, I got the photos, a menage a trois, musta broke those Frenchies laws with those Girls, Girls. Girls..."
From their awesome, ace, fabulous, wonderfully ridiculous album GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS. Zsas and I will attempt to recreate the debauchery previously wreaked by the Crüe in 1983. Only with less sexual promiscuity, drugs and general masculinity. (AKA we will swan about in nice dresses holding cigarettes like Audrey Hepburn and sipping Moet.. whilst at the Crazy Horse. HAHAHAH)
So excited!
I have it on good authority, having read every Mötley biography/ autobiography on the shelves, that Mick Mars was so drunk during this photoshoot that he nearly drowned in the suds and had to be propped up. ROCK!

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