Sunday, 18 January 2009

mediaeval german romance literature... holding me hostage in the university library this weekend.
Luckily for me I have my new best, hairy friends FLEET FOXES to keep me company. The only problem is that I have to almost physically restrain myself from getting lost in the music and mournfully wailing along the music, such is my passion for these seattle hippies. It's keeping me going at any rate. This makes me want a pet goat or three:
And whilst we are on the subject of animals, I was in such close proximity to a squirrel today that I stood open-mouthed on campus for a good minute, edging as close to the little creature as I could without scaring him away. I didn't succeed, but since that moment this morning I have felt blessed and appreciative and happy. He made my day and nothing and nobody can ruin it now! They are so fluffy and yet fluid all at once - isn't that just the biggest oxymoron you ever heard? Miraculous.

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