Monday, 11 February 2008

BERLIN after 6 months

So I have been here in Berlin for 6 lengthy months now and it seems I have finally found my musical mecca in the shape of Club Magnet. The cherry on the icing on the cake being that i can walk to it from my flat! I have finally found a subsititute for my favourite Birmingham club night of all time (Resurrection @ Subway for those not in the know) so perhaps I'll be able to stay this side of the continent or a little longer than 2 weeks in future...

In other news my favourite fashion entrepreneur Cassandra and I have decided that a fashion blog for the not-so-style-challenged folks of the midlands is in order! Have a peek at MAGPIE.EYE (link on the right). It's in the early stages at the moment but we are both very exited about the months to come. There are some serious style kings and qeens floating around the streets of Birmingham (& Berlin) and we intend to find them! So if you live in either of these two wonderful places expect to be accosted and interrogated by me/ her/ us when you're on your lunch break/ late for work/ feeling pooh.

I have most definitely been neglecting Fetishist for a while now so my New Feb resolution is to keep it up to date. I blame the good old pen and paper for stealing my recent musings. xxx

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